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Maareynta Stress-ka (Stress Management)

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Ma jeceshahay in aad wax badan ka ogaato stresska iyo noocyada u kala baxo dhibaatada uu qofka u geysan karo, xaga xasuusta, xaga waxbarasho ,iyo raadka uu qofka uu ku reebo. Koorsaddan ayaa arintaasi kuu suurto gellin doonta  in sha allah. waxaadna gaari doonta heer aad fahamto waa maxay sababta dadka qaar ay u murugoddaan, noocyada welwelka iyo murugada , sida  murugada loo baahan yahay in loola dhaqmo iyo sida loo xaliyo murugada.


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Safiya originally from Somalia; settled in the United Kingdom 19years ago and blessed to be a mother of seven children. When she came to the UK she arrived with no formal qualifications and so spent much time accomplishing her potential by studying. Somalia is a country long since troubled by civil war and as a result the environment that Safiya grew was not free of difficulty. After experiencing childhood traumatic experiences, she developed what is known as supressed emotions subconsciously, causing symptoms such as anxiety, depression and physical illnesses. After discovering the world of personal development Safiya explored every avenue available to work on herself. There were of course times through this period of struggle and change that she denied her self-worth and withheld self-love. But in a period of only 7 days self-discovery she could challenge herself and reconnect with her inner self. She said, “I found myself again and became overwhelmed with the new me.”


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